30 Dollars To Naira Black Market Rate Today 2022

30 Dollars To Naira Black Market. Thirty dollars may seem like small money in the United States, but it can buy a lot of things in Nigeria. This page will calculate how much 30 US dollars will be in Nigerian Naira according to the latest black market rate

The war between the Nigerian Naira and the United States dollar is really something that many people are seeking to know who will win this fight. Many experts that know about money are guessing that the Dollar to Naira black market rate could reach N1000 before 2023.

30 Dollars To Naira Black Market Rate Today

Before we convert 30 dollars to the naira black market rate, let’s see how the dollar is being sold today at the parallel market according to the Lagos and Kano exchangers. But this exchange rate can change at any time, so visit this page anytime you want to know the real current rate.

30 Dollars To Naira Black Market
30 Dollars To Naira Black Market

Dollar to Naira (USD to Naira) Black Market Exchange Rate Today 9th October 2022
Buying Rate – 731
Selling Rate – 736

Note: Nigerian Naira is heading ₦800 per $1 soon.

This exchange rate (Aboki naira to dollar today) report is according to the Breau de Change in Lagos and Kano. It may be different in some Nigerian cities/locations because many dollar exchangers have their own prices to defend the market in which they operate.

How Much Are 30 Dollars To Naira Black Market?

The black market rate for 30 dollars to the naira today (9th October 2022) is 21,930 Nigerian Naira if you are selling, and 22,080 if you are buying. 30 US dollars = 21,930 Nigerian Naira (NGN) at the latest black market rate

But you may not get this amount if you convert 30 dollars to naira at the CBN rate, which is 433.72 Nigerian Naira right now. That is why many people take their dollars to the Breau De Change (black market) for a high rate. At the central bank of Nigeria’s rate, 30 US dollars equal 13008.54 Nigerian naira.

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The central bank of Nigeria (CBN) is doing its best to bring down the dollar against the naira for the country’s better economy. In July 2022, the CBN sent the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to raid Breau De Change in Abuja after the government blamed black market exchangers for the naira falling.

Many Nigerian people are blaming the government as the Nigerian currency is falling every day, and many businesses are affected by this issue as everyday inflation is taking over the economy, which obviously cannot be controlled.

This article covered how much is 30 Dollars To Naira Black Market Rate according to the aboki exchange rate in Nigeria today. It also covered how much $30 would be in Naira at the CBN rate. These prices can be changed at anytime as the American dollar is going up above many currencies in the world every day.

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